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Fixed Attenuator, 2.0W, 3.0GHz, Type N

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Designed to meet with MIL-DTL-3933 environmental specifications.


Weight: 0.10 kg

Dimensions & Weight: 

Attenuation 1 to 30 dB 31 to 60 dB

Length (mm) 74.4 84.6

Connection & Mounting: Type N stainless steel male and female connectors to mate non-destructively with connectors per MIL-PRF-39012 and MIL-STD-348A.

Construction: Stainless steel barrels with passivated stainless steel connectors. RoHs Compliant.

Calibration: Insertion Loss and VSWR performed across frequency range. Calibration test data available at additional cost.

Average Power: 2

Peak Power: 1 kW peak (5 μsec pulse width, 0.1% duty cycle)

Directionality: Bidirectional

Frequency Range: dc to 3.0

Attenuation Range: 1 to 50

Attenuation Accuracy: 

Attenuation Range 0 to 12 dB 13 to 20 dB 21 to 40 dB 41 to 60 dB

Attenuation Accuracy (+/- dB) 0.50 0.70 1.0 1.5

Nominal Impedance: 50

Temperature Range: -30° to +70°C


Frequency Range (GHz) 1.0 3.0

VSWR (max) 1.15 1.20


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